Training for Autism


Adapt to Learn offers parents/carers one to one meetings where they will have an opportunity to discuss any concerns, problem solve and look at ways to move forward with positivity. We can offer practical advice and strategies where appropriate.

Consultancy service for schools and educational settings

Adapt to Learn offers a consultancy service to schools and all educational settings; our expertise covers all age ranges from Early Years to Key Stage 4.

Observations, feedback and bespoke advice to both parents/carers and professionals is the basis of our consultancy service. We currently work across several London boroughs and local counties providing this highly valued service.

“A hugely positive experience! Melanie and Tracy worked in partnership with parents and staff to support the progress and development of several of our pupils. They provided a very bespoke approach which facilitated a deeper understanding of individual pupil needs and a higher level of confidence from the adults supporting them. The Adapt to Learn ethos of 'small changes can make a big difference.' very definitely worked for our children and parents. We highly recommend their service!”

Head Teacher, Primary School, Croydon


Adapt to Learn provides an extensive range of practical and relevant training opportunities covering all aspects of autism, social communication and behaviour. This service is available to schools, educational settings and all those with a vested interest in supporting children with these needs.

Parent Workshops/Coffee Mornings

Local NAS branches and parent forums have commissioned us to run a number of workshops on their behalf covering subjects such as ‘Transition to High School’, ‘What is Autism?’ and  ‘Understanding Behaviour’. We have also run a series of informal coffee mornings for parents of children with SEND for schools and educational settings. We are licensed to facilitate a range of nationally recognised parent programmes including EarlyBird and EarlyBird Healthy Minds.

Individual Mentoring Sessions

Adapt to Learn offers individual mentoring sessions with children and young people with social communication needs and/or autism. These sessions are designed to help them develop their skills and achieve their goals through a series of time limited, confidential, conversations and activities. Topics covered can include feelings, emotions, self-regulation, talking about diagnosis and preparing for change.

We believe a small change can make a big difference

Costs and Commissioning

We understand needs are individual and personal to each setting and/or person. Our costs reflect the bespoke nature of our service.
Please contact us for prices.

"We were really pleased to be able to facilitate a course on Understanding Behaviour with the lovely Melanie and Tracy from Adapt to Learn.

This was a 2 part course with 36 parents and carers as well as members of the SEND Team and the Children with Disabilities Team.

It is always great to have practitioners and parents at sessions together and everyone learnt a lot from the course which was made completely accessible by Tracy and Melanie's unique delivery- a mix of fun and learning!" Sutton Parents Forum

Autism trainers

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