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Who we are

Adapt to Learn was founded with a vision to increase awareness and knowledge of the difficulties faced by children with social communication needs and autism.

Co-founders Melanie and Tracy are Specialist Practitioners and have over 30 years’ experience working for Local Authorities in the field of Special Educational Needs.


We believe a small change can make a big difference

Special Needs Expert

Tracy Matthews

Having started working in the field of Special Educational Needs (SEN) in 2002, I have continually developed my knowledge in social communication needs, autism, ADHD, as well as emotional and behavioural needs. I have supported hundreds of children and their families over the years, helping them to increase their knowledge and understanding of these complex areas.

This experience has proven to be my best and most effective teacher. I am a licensed EarlyBird and EarlyBird Healthy Minds trainer and am passionate about working with parents and carers, sharing ideas and strategies. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that one small piece of shared information can make a big difference to a family!

During my years as a Senior Autism Practitioner for the London Borough of Sutton, my enthusiasm for taking on new challenges continued to grow. I gained a University Certificate in Autism from Birmingham University and have attended many courses including TEACCH, Attention Autism, PECS, Sensory Integration and attended numerous NAS Conferences. I have also attended Judith Gould’s ‘Autism and Girls,’ Carol Gray’s Social Stories™ and Kari Dunn-Buron’s ‘Incredible 5-Point Scale’.

Away from work, I have lived locally to the Sutton area most of my life. I am mother to three grown up children and Nanny to four Grandchildren.

Professionally, I will continue to empower schools, parents and children in any way I can and to the best of my ability. I love my job!

T:  07910 469238

Autism Expert

Melanie Vijayaratnam

Since qualifying as an NNEB in 1982 I have always been fascinated by child development and in particular how young children learn to communicate.

Throughout my career in the Early Years Sector I have continuously sought to increase my knowledge and expertise to enable me to support children and their families in this key area. I have attended a wide range of courses including TEACCH, PECs, Attention Autism, Carol Gray’s Social Stories™, The Incredible 5 Point Scale and Intensive Interaction. However, the best teacher has been experience and I have had the privilege to work with and learn from many families caring for children with a huge variety of needs across all areas of disability.

I am a licensed EarlyBird/EarlyBird Healthy Minds Trainer and have worked with numerous groups of parents to help them to fully understand the needs of their children. Together we have learnt how to understand autism, adapt our own communication and look at the underlying functions of behaviours. Small changes can make big differences!

I regularly work with pre-schools, nurseries and schools advising them on strategies to help support their pupils with social communication difficulties, autism and behavioural needs. I am an experienced trainer and have written and delivered programmes to a wide variety of audiences including many well-received parent groups.

T:  07971 659904


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